Tadap (2021) Review – A complete mess

    Tadap is a remake of the 2017 Telugu film RX 100. The original film has a cult following. The Hindi dubbed version of RX 100 is also immensely popular in the Hindi belt. So the decision to remake it makes no sense.

    The setting was altered from a village to a town in Tadap. This is a horrible idea because the original story was created for a village setting, and changing it will make it impossible to follow along with the original story. The same thing happened here. Several moments in this film are out of context. They remake a bold and violent film but avoid highlighting those elements. Milan Luthria, the director of films such as The Dirty Picture, shows zero courage in this picture. The supporting cast appears to be phoney. Actors like Kumud Mishra and Saurabh Shukla were wasted. All the characters have a lot of inconsistency.

    The only saving grace is Pritam’s music. Tumse Bhi Zyadaa song in particular. Arijit Singh’s voice reflects the character’s misery. Even this lovely song is forced into the film after the intermission. In his debut, Ahan gives it his all. However, there is nothing one can do when the writing is poor. The action sequences are likewise poorly choreographed. Punches are clearly missing the opponents’ faces. Many powerful scenes from the original film are wasted here. There are numerous storyline flaws and unnecessary scenes in this film. They, too, weaken Tara Sutaria’s motivation. They completely misunderstood the original film.

    Tadap is the name given to the film. They present everything in a stylish way. Makers employ all known formulas and tricks. However, they have failed to show the protagonist’s Tadap. Tadap is an insult to the RX 100.

    A complete mess. Someone rightly said this ‘ Nakal ke liye akal chahiye ‘.

    Tadap (2021)

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