Pathaan (2023) Review – Put an end to this insanity, and recruit some skilled writers

    Let’s discuss the movie Pathaan once the commotion from all sides has subsided. Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan, and John Abrahim are all featured in the Siddhartha Anand-helmed film.

    In the film Shahrukh Khan plays Pathan. Why is he referred to as Pathaan in the movie? Even the writers aren’t sure, and it’s absolutely not a code name. So Pathaan, an Indian spy, works alongside a Pakistani agent to safeguard both India and Pakistan from a terrible bioweapon. Pathaan is a part of The Spy Universe, as we have known from the beginning, yet it is not a spy movie. Because Pathan is so popular that he can’t hide his identity so he doesn’t try to be a spy in the film. Whenever some information is required, he simply beats some people and obtains the information quickly.  In essence, Pathaan makes a valiant effort to be an action thriller with forced patriotism and tons of glitz, but fails terribly.  

    Pathaan’s screenplay is really perplexing. Although over-the-top action sequences may succeed in other films, they fail in this one due to the poor CGI, lack of conviction, and unclear direction. Shahrukh Khan makes an effort to maintain his energy throughout the movie, but the writing hinders him. Although John Abraham is incredibly convincing and has a compelling motivation in the movie, the screenplay ultimately let him down near the finale. Deepika Padukone has a really cartoonish appearance. She is merely there to give gloss to the film. Actors such as Dimple Kapadiya and Ashutosh Rana are completely squandered.

    Recently, there has been a tendency, such as The Cop Universe and The Spy Universe, when directors and producers try to market their sluggish films under the guise of a multi-star ensemble. We all recall how these trends harmed cinema quality in the 1980s and 1990s. Returning to that tendency will undoubtedly affect good and progressive films.

    Pathaan is a film that was poorly cut, poorly edited, and poorly written. It entirely depends on Shahrukh Khan’s tremendous popularity and Deepika Padukone’s bikini. We’re still trying to figure out why other critics have orgasms after seeing Pathaan. We are still perplexed as to what in the world John Abraham is doing with the rope from the chopper. Please don’t try to deceive the public by selling garbage disguised as fresh food. Let’s put an end to this insanity, and recruit some skilled writers.


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