Vikrant Rona (2022) Review – Unapologetically cheats on you

    Vikrant Rona is a fantasy adventure film written and directed by Anup Bhandari. It is a Kannada-language film that has been dubbed into Hindi and other languages.

    Recently, a lot of 3D movies have been released, however most of them don’t fully utilise the format. Since then the 3D format has only served to drive up ticket costs. Vikrant Rona, on the other hand, has been conceived taking the 3D format seriously. Each shot is planned keeping in mind the 3D effect, which gives the viewers an immersive movie watching experience. The combined effort of the art team, VFX team and DoP is evident in every frame. They succeeded in creating a universe that is mysterious. After KGF, the Kannada film industry is undeniably pursuing technological excellence in light of its modest budget.

    While we acknowledge the technological achievement, we must admit that Vikarnt Rona falls short in terms of plot and character development.The film is full of gimmicks that hit you right in the face. For the sake of suspense, they simply end up writing a confusing screenplay in which each character frequently fails to convince the audience of their motivations and frequently alters it for the writer’s convenience. In retrospect, all of the subplots appear to have loose ends or to be unnecessary.

    Even though his character journey is questionable, Kiccha Sudeep comes off as convincing. Other actors’ performances are inconsistent throughout the film. The movie offers itself a chance to redeem itself for it in the final fifteen minutes. perhaps not enough.

    Overall, Vikrant Rona unapologetically cheats on you, yet nevertheless possesses some redeemable qualities. It tries to ride on your anticipation while challenging your intelligence.

    Vikrant Rona


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