Venom: Let There Be carnage (2021) – Review

    Venom: Let There Be carnage is a sequel to Venom(2018) and a part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Directed by Andy Seriks. Tom Hardy reprises his role as Eddie Brock, a host of alien symbiote Venom. This time Tom Hardy also shared credit as story writer with Kelly Marcel.

    Due to their conflict of interest,  Venom and Eddie part ways. But they must come together to defeat Carnage, another symbiote that uses the body of a serial killer as its host. With a runtime of around one and a half hours, this movie doesn’t drag. The plot seems to be chronicled, with the supervillain kidnapping the protagonist’s love interest, leading to an action-packed climax. It has some good action sequences but less than the first film. Although the story is average, it is still very entertaining, especially the chemistry between Venom and Eddie. As we know Tom Hardy is a very capable actor, he did his job here with ease. I think his involvement as a writer is a good sign. Like any other superhero movie, Venom has some good VFX and most importantly, a post-credits scene where they tease you for future movies.

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a one and a half hours crisp popcorn flick, with some humor and an action-packed climax. There is nothing special in this. This is Sony’s attempt to create their superhero universe. It is as good as any other MCU movie and as bad as any other MCU movie. You can skip it but people don’t want to miss out on watching these movies, which are part of a bigger film universe. 

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