The rise and fall of Money Heist(season 1 and 2)

    Money Heist is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Its unique plot, subtext, symbolism, and similarity made it very famous around the world. When a group of losers wants to rob Spain’s royal mint, they don’t want to rob it, they want to print their money there. They need around 11 days to achieve this. How are they going to do this impossible task and how will they survive if they manage to keep the mint with them for so long? With voiceovers and jump cuts, flashbacks, he tried to get into the depth of the character and his motives. Throughout the series, you will discover different characters more and more. Some individual character threads make the mission difficult to succeed. Uncertainty about the success of the mission increases with the episodes. Ample time is given to explore each individual and their chemistry with each other.

    The professor, who is the mastermind behind all this, assembled a team. To keep everyone’s identity a secret, they have decided to name each one after a city. Berlin, Moscow, Rio, Denver, Tokyo, Nairobi, Helsinki, and Oslo studied for five months under the supervision of the professor.Raquel is the negotiator, who tries to persuade them to surrender without violence and free the 67 hostages. But the equation begins to change when she falls in love with the Professor, without knowing the true identity of the professor. How will this relationship ruin a well-planned heist, which is already in trouble due to internal conflict between the team members. With all the struggles and bad conditions can they complete the mission?

    From Dali mask to Bella Chao and red color dress. From ‘Moscow has fallen ‘ to ‘Nairobi takes the charge’. It looks like a very symbolic and well-inspired show. Might be one of the greatest shows of all time. But every big thing in the world has to fall one day and the same happened with this show. The collapse begins in the second season when the drama seems like a soap opera, drags on, and sometimes makes no sense. With over-the-top drama, it starts losing its intellect, which is not a good thing for Heist. Inconsistent characters are a good thing but when their unpredictable nature becomes a thread for the makers it all sinks in and when that thread is repeated it starts bothering you. Tokyo and Raquel are perfect examples and to some extent the professors too. In the final episode, Berlin tries to save this fallen kingdom but in the end, the kingdom collapses. But with a battle, it will certainly guarantee you some big spectacle. Though there are some dragged episodes before the final act, still it will get you so invested that you will be rooted to know the climax. Which is not extraordinary, but very common for a heist movie or show. You always want to know the climax in these types of stories regardless of the quality of the product. So for me, Money Heist is a lost opportunity.

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