Shamshera (2022) Review – The Ultimate Disaster

    Karan Malhotra, who previously directed Agneepath and Brothers (both remakes), failed badly in his attempt to helm this original film Shamshera. Not precisely the original, but not a copycat either. It mixes KGF with Bahubali.

    This movie caused me such a bad headache that I had to leave at the intermission. I have never before been unable to muster the confidence to finish a movie. Ranbir Kapoor failed for the first time as an actor; it seemed unusual that he attempted to emulate Salman Khan and failed miserably. Sanjay Dutt is entirely about style without substance. The movie offers little for analysis.

    After Yash Chopra’s passing, YRF releases all the subpar movies. Some movies, like Tiger Zinda Hai or War, do well at the box office, but it doesn’t make up for the films’ lacklustre quality. If YRF believes that spectators will flock to the theatre to watch Vaani Kapoor’s full item song, then they are only daydreaming. Shamshera is the ultimate disaster and those in Bollywood only know how to  make disasters successfully.



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