Rocket Boys (2022) Review – An inspiring tale

    In India, we have produced a large number of films and television shows in a variety of languages. But how many times have we extolled our scientists’ achievements? It’s really uncommon. Rocket Boys transports us to the dawn of our scientific temper as a newly independent country.

    Homi Jahangir Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai are the central characters in the story. Bhabha is widely regarded as the Father of the Indian Nuclear Program and  the Architect of the Indian Atomic Energy Program. Vikram Sarabhai is renowned as  the Father of the Indian Space Program. To capture the lives of such huge personalities in camera is not an easy task. Despite all the heroic scenes, heroic words and a heavy dose of patriotism, the filmmakers successfully managed to humanise these characters. Rocket Boys perfectly convey our scientists’ madness as well as their determination on screen. Their fight to make India an energy independent country with a nuclear power plant is very inspiring. When great powers such as United States, United Kingdom, France and China attempted to exert pressure on a newly formed country such as India. Against all the odds, seeing India’s first successful rocket launch will make you proud. The series also dealt with the highly sensitive question of giving the go-ahead to build an atom bomb. After witnessing what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is regarded as the most terrible catastrophe in human history, the decision to build an atomic weapon was extremely difficult. Given that it is the land of Gandhi. Nehru’s moral obligation was also handled well.

    Congratulations to filmmaker Abhay Panu for exceeding expectations. Sets, costumes, and cinematography are all fantastic. It’s referred to as the International Standard. The ensemble is excellent. Jim Sarbh’s portrayal of an aggressive Homi Jahangir Bhabha is one of his most memorable roles. Ishwak Singh, on the other side, portrays Vikram Sarabhai, the idealistic one. In Ishwak’s eyes, you can see a young boy’s curiosity to look beyond the sky and his optimistic view of India’s future. With the exception of the CIA agent and Raza Mehdi, everyone did an excellent job. Perhaps it isn’t the actor’s fault. Both of the characters are mostly made up. Perhaps these characters haven’t been sufficiently developed. The entrance scene of a young A.P.J Abdul Kalam could not have been more heroic. That particular moment is one of our favourites.

    In general, this is a well made web series. Some of the drama sequences, however, did not work for us. For example, Vikram Sarabhai’s speech at ATIRA and Raza Mehdi’s parliament address. The series, on the other hand, never loses its way. It would be preferable if they delved deeper into scientific concepts. However, as previously stated, Rocket Boys is a promising start-up that will pave the way for more films and shows in this genre.

    Rocket Boys is very inspiring. It will undoubtedly pique youth’s interest in science. We hope that more young people will strive to be scientists in the future. 

    Rocket Boys


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