Ram Setu (2022) Review- A half-baked product

    Ram Setu is an action adventure film written and directed by Abhishek Sharma. It stars Akshay Kumar, Satya Dev, Nassar, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nushratt Bharuccha.

    Dr. Aryan (Akshay Kumar), an archaeologist, is a nonbeliever who only believes in scientific facts. The film’s main premise revolves around how the opportunity to examine the nature of Ram Setu will alter Dr. Aryan’s worldview. A well-designed action set piece opens the movie. The way this film establishes everything in the first few minutes, it gives us hope that it may finally be India’s own Indiana Jones. Before the expedition to Ram Setu begins, we are introduced to Dr. Aryan, his motivations, and the stakes. As an archaeologist, Akshay comes across as quite credible. Now that the journey for Ram Setu has started, the question is whether it will live up to the anticipation.

    The tone, visual effects, and characterizations of the movie are all quite erratic. Even with all its problems, the movie manages to keep you interested in the plot—at least for the first half. The movie never strays from its central premise. However, the writer fails to provide enough material to sustain the tale in the second half, resulting in a highly laughable final act.

    Although there are some continuity issues with his beard, Akshay’s acting is incredibly believable. Satya Dev is also remarkable. The biggest disappointment, though, is Jacqueline and Nushratt. Their acting is so bad that it takes you out of the movie. The main question is how the director can accept such a bad performance. Nassar, a competent performer, is entirely wasted by poor writing. Even some of the dialogues are clearly out of sync. You never develop an emotional bond with any of the characters during the movie. Therefore, the director’s efforts to build suspense and thrills goes in vain.

    In Ram Setu, there are some stunning visuals. The scenes under water are convincing. There are some excellent action scenes, but as we have mentioned, the standard varies from scene to scene. There are numerous references to The Ramayan in the film, such as the villain’s shipping company, Pushpak, and many others. These allusions are not entirely realised.The film contains a fascinating post-climax scene, but it does not compensate for the clumsy climax.

    Ram Setu is, all things considered, a half-baked product that tries to capture your attention in the name of faith. They attempt to toss a stone into the sea with Ram’s name written on it, but unlike The Ramayan, it sinks to the bottom.

    Ram Setu

    Badly Executed

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