No Time To Die(2021) Original Review

    Daniel Craig is playing Bond for the last time. No Time To Die is Craig’s farewell to 007. The saga began with a reboot of Casino Royale followed by Quantum of Solace, the first direct sequel to a Bond film. The climax of Casino Royale leads to Quantum of Solace, setting the tone for the most brutal, raw and personal Bond we have ever seen. After connecting all the points in  Spectre, it completely sets itself up for the last ride. No Time To Die concludes that legacy.

    After retirement, Bond and Madeleine try to forget their past and plan a new life. But Madeleine’s past is about to storm their lives. Bond is heartbroken again. After Bond loses his CIA friend in a failed mission. Bond learns that he has something to do with everything happening around him. He starts the investigation. It gets more personal as the film progresses. In conclusion it is a very emotional and personal ride. But that doesn’t mean It misses out on the charismatic Bond. It has all the fan moments. It has humor, action, gadgets and cars. 

    A strong adversary driven by personal vengeance. Rami Malik’s character sees himself as a reflection of Bond. Their face-off in the end is well executed. Given the runtime of 2 hours 45 minutes, it doesn’t seem to drag. Carey Joji Fukunaga has done a good job directing. Cinematographer Linus Sandgren and music director Hans Zimmer did their job to perfection. 

    A predictable plot with  some strange casting decisions and an average storyline are the negative sides. But when you see Daniel Craig on the screen you will not bother about any other things. The Bond character always has been the driving force of Bond movies and this time  Bond , who doesn’t shy away to show his vulnerable side , is  surely going to make you more invested . Starting from 2006’s  Casino Royale to No Time To Die in 2021 , it is the end of an era. I had seen Casino Royale when I was a teenager. I grew up seeing Daniel Craig as James Bond. It was very nostalgic for me to witness the farewell. I didn’t want to leave the theatre after the end credits. If I take aside my emotions then No Time To Die is not the best Bond movie. It is the climax to the best Bond series. A farewell party worth attending.

    If you ask me about what’s next, then I have mixed feelings about the future of Bond movies.

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