Liger (2022) Review – In their pursuit of a blockbuster, they create a recipe for disaster

    Liger is meant to be the ‘pan-Indian‘ movie. Karan Johar from the Hindi film industry and Puri Jagannadh from the Telugu film industry collaborated to produce it. Puri wrote and directed it as well. In the movie, Mike Tyson makes a cameo appearance.

    Puri is quite popular among the masses. He is particularly well-known for his template masala entertainers. If we examine his earlier works, we will discover that he is a devout adherent to masala templates. So Liger is no exception, an imperfect but powerful hero, a heroine who exists solely for romance, out-of-place songs, and a plethora of action sequences. However, nothing works here. But what goes wrong with this proven formula?

    First and foremost, our hero needs a villain. A masala film without an antagonist is unquestionably a lousy concept. The final-act story surprise featuring Mike Tyson is completely absurd. Because the plot centred around MMA, there was potential for some exciting action. They did, however, wind up with a few montages. The casting of Ananya Pandey is the second issue. Ananya Pandey lacks the exuberance required to play the heroine in masala films. Thirdly, there is a lack of conviction. Puri absolutely missed his mark as a director and even more so as a writer. When the film concludes, it feels unfinished. It’s all sloppy or reckless filmmaking.

    The only thing decent about the film is Vijay Deverakonda. Even if some blows are obviously a miss hit and the situations are quite uncomfortable, he manages to persuade you. However, he squandered his talent and time by starring in these outdated masala films. Vijay is the one who changed the pattern by playing Arjun Reddy. Even after that, he continued to favour highly diverse film genres. However, after making such films, returning to this silly masala film seems to be a wrong move for him.

    Liger is an ill-conceived masala movie overall. Which even didn’t do justice to the masala genre. Regressive writing, dull characters, unnecessary songs, and poor casting decisions all ensure the movie’s failure. In their pursuit of a blockbuster, they create a recipe for disaster.



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