KGF Chapter 2 Review – The mystery of El Dorado continues

    KGF Chapter 2 is one of the year’s most anticipated Indian films. Prashant Neel, the director, has a distinct style of visual storytelling. His films are notable for their inter-cuts, voice overs, transitions and overall editing. It’s no surprise that we saw the same techniques applied quite efficiently in KGF Chapter 2. Which keeps us engrossed in the different layers of the various plotlines. Sometimes there is so much information delivered in such a short period of time that it might be tough for your mind to comprehend. This film requires your complete attention or you may become lost in a maze of non-linear screenplay.

    They create a parallel of Rocky’s story to the myth of El Dorado right away from the beginning of Chapter 1. This analogy plays a very important part in shaping the story structure in KGF Chapter 2. El Dorado is surrounded by various legends. Some believe it is a lost city of gold, while others believe it is an empire. In other myths, El Dorado is not a place, but rather the ruler of a kingdom. If we look closely, we can see  Rocky seeking his El Dorado in the gold mines of the KGF. He kills Garuda to become El Dorado’s monarch. In Chapter 2, he establishes his own empire and becomes Sultan. But, after the intermission, the filmmakers take a turn and indicate that Rocky, not KGF, is the El Dorado. All of the stories here abruptly change. You begin to see that the myth and mystery were never about the KGF from the beginning. It was always about Rocky. After this realisation, it’s easy to predict where the story will go. The war and its collateral repercussions become clear. Even after the movie ends, the mystery of Rocky remains unsolved. Rocky’s story, like that of El Dorado, becomes a legend. We’re  experiencing Rocky’s story through the perspective of Anand Ingalagi. According to his son, “there are different ways to look at it,  but according to my father, this is a tale about a mother’s obstinacy and a son’s promise.” KGF Chapter 2 has multiple layers to its storyline, this can be interpreted in numerous ways.

    People may mistake this for a no-brainer popcorn movie due to the grandiose scenery and over-the-top action. It will be a huge disservice to this film. It’s a well-planned, well-written and well-executed film. Yes, we have reservations about several editing choices and bgm selections, but it still meets our expectations. In the second half of the film, there was a romantic track that was slightly off. Another disappointment is Anant Nag’s absence in Chapter 2. It seems like they want a more popular actor like Prakash Raj for the second part.

    KGF Chapter 2 is developed on a shoestring budget because the Kannada  film  industry lacks the resources that the Telugu, Tamil and Hindi industries have. It still achieves technical brilliance. Kannada cinema became recognised all over the world after the release of KGF. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Prashant Neel, Yash and the entire KGF team. We hope that every regional film industry flourishes and that future filmmakers, technicians and artists are given all of the opportunity and resources they require.

    KGF Chapter 2

    Meets the expectations

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