F9: The Fast Saga (2021) Review

    First of all let me tell you that these Fast and Furious movies are made only to serve the fans. Mostly teens who only need big spectacle and a heroic action packed entertaining film. Keeping these things in mind, I will tell you whether F9: The Fast Saga succeeds or fails in its goal.

    In this movie F9 they showed that Jakob, played by John Cena, is Dom’s forgotten brother , who is also responsible for the death of their father. So in the ninth installment of the series we learn about these things as Jacob and Dom come face to face on a mission where Jacob defeats Dom and his team to steal a device. Now Dom takes it personal and the cat and mouse game begins. Sometimes Jacob has the upper hand and sometimes Dom. When Jacob was betrayed by his allies . He joins up with Dom and the two fight together.

    The film is trying its best to explore the relationship between two brothers. There are many flashbacks but the problem is that the conflict that appears between them is not reassuring. So you won’t be fully invested in their story. Now the only saving point can be action. But unfortunately the romance and thrill are completely missing and not even some shaky camera work could save it. The action sequences look gorgeous but nothing exciting. Talking about action, it is one of the weakest films of the franchise. Everything about the film feels fake, the characters, their motives and now even the action.

    This franchise is really in trouble. Where a new film has nothing to do with the previous film. Characters randomly rising from the dead without any logic just make it all the more messy. Unnecessarily it tries to take itself too seriously. The emotional and dreamy scenes in the film can bore its fans. Only some grand spectacle without any soul can attract a few fans. No more Fast and Furious movies in future, please.

    F9: The Fast Saga (2021) Review


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