Eternals (2021) Review – Fail in every aspect

    Eternals is the 26th movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). This is about some immortal alien race who are living on earth for thousands of years. Directed by Chloé Zhao, this time Disney tries to make a more mature MCU movie. Shot in some beautiful locations, the movie has some really good visual aesthetic to it. 

    It has a good multirace assemble cast, an award winning director and a great technical team. But it doesn’t always matter and Eternals proves this. It is  the most boring movie ever in the MCU. Characters are underdeveloped though having 7000 years of past. Sometimes the conflicts  hit hard on your face. There are some references about Thanos and Avengers but it feels like Eternals is forced into the MCU. 

    This time Chloé Zhao is given some creative freedom to shoot on the real locations but how much freedom is given while writing no one knows. Either you make some impactful cinema or you make entertaining popcorn flicks. Here Chloé Zhao tries to crack an In-between formula which fails miserably. 

    You can call it a different direction the MCU takes or a mature product from MCU but the fact is, Eternals fails in every aspect. It is neither entertaining nor makes you invested in the story. Given a much bigger canvas than The Avengers, Eternals stays low and flat. 



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