Dybbuk (2021) – Movie Review

    The horror genre has not been fully explored in the Hindi film industry. You can count the good films made in this genre with your fingertips.

    Dybbuk (2021) is a remake of Malayalam movie Ezra(2017). Both are directed by Jayakrishnan. It is not your average horror flick with loose plots and steamy scenes. It has some intelligent writing. Technically a well made movie with a lot of thrills. Some scenes are very chilling. The story revolves around Jewish folklore. Which is very fresh for the Indian audience. Emmran Hashmi, who already worked in some other horror movies previously like Raaz series and Ek Thi Dayan, is the perfect choice for the movie. Nikita Dutta and Manav Kaul played their parts perfectly.

    The movie feels rushed or skipped. The original Malayalam movie is around two and half hours but this movie is below two hours. You feel disconnected throughout the movie due to this approach. The film demands a slower paced narrative and better worldbuilding but the makers have messed it up.

    Finally, Dybbuk has some really thrilling moments backed up with good performances and intelligent writing. But the urge of makers to make a two hour crisp and tight movie ruined the whole movie. If you don’t have any problems with subtitles then I would recommend you to watch the original one (Ezra).

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