Don’t Look Up (2021) Review – Investigates our society’s selfishness and ignorance

    Don’t Look Up is a satire written and directed by Adam McCay. It features a fantastic cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep.

    Kate Dibiasky discovers an unknown comet In our solar system. She informed her lecturer, Dr. Randall Mindy. After calculating the comet’s orbit, they discovered that it will directly impact the Earth in six months. Because of its enormity, the comet will annihilate all life things on the planet.

    Don’t Look Up aims to investigate our society’s selfishness and ignorance. When the survival of the entire human species is in jeopardy, the President launches the Don’t Look Up campaign. They are attempting to conceal the truth. When Dibiasky and Dr. Mendy exposed the truth, the government set out to destroy their lives. Dr. Mendy slipped through the cracks and rose to the position of National Advisor. On the other hand, Dibiasky was demoted and turned into a meme. Things grow much worse when a billionaire CEO proposes cancelling the comet-destroying mission in space. Because there are trillions of dollars worth of rare minerals on the comet.

    This film eloquently illustrates how our desire for power and wealth will harm the lives of future generations. We witnessed this type of stuff all around the world during COVID. Some argue that the film represents a critique of our response to the environmental catastrophe. However, for us, it may be anything from pandemics to war to political exploitation. Dibiasky’s character¬† represents adolescent frustration, while Dr. Mendy demonstrates helplessness. The President’s failure to evacuate his own son exemplifies how powerful old people care less about the next generations. There are numerous parallels you can make from the film; nevertheless, yours may differ from others. That’s what satire is for.

    When it comes to film styles, there are a few things to consider. It reminds us of The Big Short in certain ways. The film’s edits provide a bit of rawness, and the writing is very clever. Who could have been a better option to play Dr. Mendy than Leonardo Dicaprio? Dicaprio has long been outspoken about climate change off-screen, but in Don’t Look Up, he brings the discussion to on-screen. Everyone is flawless in their portrayal of their characters. We’ve never seen Meryl Streep like this before. It’s very refreshing¬† to see her play such a character. The film’s humour and comedy work out perfectly. It becomes tiresome and drags in the latter half of the film. However, satire is occasionally intended to have that effect.

    Don’t Look Up is a cleverly written satire that comes from Hollywood. It clearly tells the world to Just Look Up, regardless of political or religious affiliation. For the sake of your children, don’t be ignorant and Just Look Up.

    Don't Look Up

    Cleverly written

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