Cuttputlli (2022) Review- Lazy Filmmaking

    Cuttputlli is a remake of the 2018 Tamil film Ratsasan. However, during the press conference, the creators stressed the word “inspire” above “remake.” We can assure you that the movie is not inspired by anything. The only objective for producing Cuttputlli is to generate some quick money.

    Despite having many shortcomings, Ratsasan was a well-made movie. Given the additional resources, we would anticipate a much more polished version from the remake. Here, though, we see the exact opposite. The makers maintain everything that is flawed and remove everything that is perfect. Ratsasan’s final thirty minutes became its talking point at the time of its release. But in Cuttputlli,they ruined the climax in a rush. It’s remain unclear what the antagonist wants or why. They did not allow for the establishment of the antagonist. The film’s entire plot turns into a comedy towards the climax.

    Akshay’s entire family aspect feels really phoney. By working as a low rank police officers, they maintain a million-dollar lifestyle. Akshay Kumar fluctuates throughout the movie. He appears utterly uninterested. The work of other actors is simply routine. Crime thrillers do better in a hill station setting because it produces an aesthetically unpleasant atmosphere. However, the makers failed to make the most of the hill station setting. The editing does not allow cinematographer Rajeev Ravi to make this thriller more atmospheric.

    Cuttputlli is a terrible waste of money and effort. It neither has a spectacular climax like its original nor any merit on its own. Ranjit M. Tewari would be well to create some original films rather than drawing inspiration from Ratsasan, Baby, and Airlift. This is what we call Lazy Filmmaking.



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