Home Movie Brahmastra: Part one-Shiva(2022)Review- Definitely not a passion project

Brahmastra: Part one-Shiva(2022)Review- Definitely not a passion project

Brahmastra: Part one-Shiva(2022)Review- Definitely not a passion project

Brahmastra is an action fantasy film, which takes its cues from a few ideas from Indian mythology. It is directed by Ayan Mukerji and stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

The claim is that it is a passion project. the most ambitious Hindi film to be released in recent memory. However, the movie failed to deliver on any of its promises or assertions. Brahmastra worked quite hard to be entertaining. Many sequences feel very forced. Writing is the main issue. Underdeveloped and inconsistent characters, zero detailing and some poorly executed action scenes are the main reason for the failure.

Ranbir Kapoor’s portrayal is so uneven that you couldn’t connect with him even once. The only thing that remains constant is Ranbir’s hairdo. One of the most enigmatic abilities of Ranbir’s persona is that he never needs to comb his hair when he gets up. His hair will naturally assume its ideal appearance. Ranbir doesn’t engage in a lot of hand-to-hand combat. The opening shot of Ranbir’s first fighting scene was so horribly done that you can clearly see Ranbir dangling awkwardly from a wire. These are very low benchmarks for a film with a budget around 400 cr INR.

There is terrible dialogue writing. Ranbir mentions taking the last name of his future wife in one of the sequences. What a forward-thinking conversation, huh? But throughout the movie, Ranbir’s character constantly imposed his own decisions on Alia’s. We can refer to this as  hypocrisy. They made an effort to appear hip and forward-thinking, but it was all external. There is only a vacuum inside.

Except for a few visual effects scenes, a few songs, and Shahrukh Khan’s cameo, there is nothing nice about Brahmastra. All we can see are the seeds. However, the Astraverse concept is immature, so they devised a love narrative to compensate for it, but it actually does more harm than good.

Finally, Brahmastra is a 400 cr mess. Obviously it is a very ambitious project but definitely not a passion project. Maybe they put 10 years of hard work into this project, but as it seems that, they didn’t give a week to develop the script. Maybe they worked on this project for ten years, but it doesn’t appear like they gave the script development a week.

Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva
Badly written


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