Bachchhan Paandey (2022) Review – A commercial initiative with no artistic value

    Bachchhan Paandey is a shady film. We don’t want to waste our time or the time of our readers by analysing this project. It’s been more than a decade since Bollywood produced a terrific masala film. It’s simply because they lack the creativity required to make a masala entertainer. Nowadays, Bollywood has even failed horribly when it comes to remakes. Many people are given writing credit in those projects. Everything has become a farce now.

    People would ask why we were so critical of certain movies. Why don’t we talk about the film’s technical merits instead? Because of the large amount of money involved in these projects, achieving technical objective is very simple. However, if the screenplay is out of place and character development is non-existent, technicians couldn’t help you out.

    Bachchhan Paandey is a commercial initiative with no artistic value and it is self-evident that it will fail.

    Bachchhan Paandey


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