Attention Please (2021) Review – A compelling movie

    Attention Please is a Malayalam language thriller film written and directed by Jithin Issac Thomas. Leading actors include Vishnu Govindhan, Athira Kallingal, and Anand Madhan.

    Hari has been a struggling writer seeking to get into the film industry for a long time. Along with three other buddies, he lives in a flat. He has a lot of tales to share, but no one is interested. His buddies urge him to work other jobs so that he can cover his own expenses. They cite him as being mediocre and accuse him of plagiarism. However, Hari wants to tell stories, which he does throughout the movie, capturing everyone’s full attention.

    Writer-Director Jithin examines suffering via the horrific tales of Hari. He never declines to offer political commentary. In a narrative about a woman and her son, he makes a powerful statement about moral policing. You get a little bit of a Freudian vibe from the story. A great amount of angst against caste discrimination is also shown. He frequently uses caste prejudice to stir up conflict. There is a poem about it as well. He also makes a point regarding racial bias. It seems that the director purposefully makes you feel uncomfortable at moments. Even while you might want to look away, the compelling story always pulls you back.

    Six actors and a house. It’s a minimal environment. Cinematographer Himal has shot the film in compact frame that gives you a sense of seclusion. The use of sound clues in the short stories is excellent. You can better picture the stories thanks to it. As Hari, Vishnu Govindhan expertly controls the film’s tone. He persuades us every time he tells a story. Other performers frequently react to the scenario. 

    Attention Please is an indie gem from Malayalam film seeks to convince us that a compelling movie can depict sombre and depressing topics.. It is available on NETFLIX.

    Attention Please

    Well made

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